Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Yard

Some yards are perfectly kept. The lawn is consistently mowed. The dandelions are regularly drowned in weed killer. The grass at the edges of the sidewalks is always trimmed. The trees are kept geometrical- never any odd-shaped branches. Where are the people?

Some yards have gardens. Rich, dark brown soil. Fertile with microorganisms. Plants growing- presenting their yields. Where vegetables aren't growing, there are flower beds. Flowers to the beauty and joy alone.

Our yard's grass is often longer than it should be. There are toys strewn about- bikes, balls, and toy guns. A greenhouse frame that has never seen the plastic sheet ordered from Amazon years ago.  The trees have branches that ought to be trimmed, but no plan has ever been formed to follow-through.

Some dreams are postponed. Some dreams are never undertaken. Some dreams we are living now.


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